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French Médaille de la Protection Militaire du Territoire with ‘Egide’ clasp.


The Medal for the Military Protection of the Territory is a 30 mm in diameter circular medal struck from bronze. Its obverse bears the effigy of the Republic with the relief inscription above "RÉPUBLIQUE" and below "FRANÇAISE" (English: "FRENCH REPUBLIC"). The reverse bears the relief inscription on five lines "MÉDAILLE" "DE LA" "PROTECTION MILITAIRE" "DU" "TERRITOIRE" (English: "MEDAL" "FOR THE" "MILITARY PROTECTION" "OF THE" "TERRITORY").

The medal hangs from a 38 mm wide silk moiré ribbon passing through a ring through the medal's ball shaped suspension loop. The ribbon bears the national colours of France in the following pattern: 14 mm wide blue vertical central stripe bordered by white 8 mm wide stripes with 5 mm wide red edge stripes.

ÉGIDE for effective participation in the military protection of military assets, public and state buildings, of international organisations and diplomatic and consular missions between 1 July 2013 to a date not yet specified. The time requirement for award of this clasp is 30 months total service for members of units whose primary mission was and remains the same as the award prerequisites, to military personnel not part of such units for 60 days total service (continuous or not) or if in the case of surveillance flights, twenty such flights.

Reference 643